Damarila TNT Srl is specialized in the production of disposable tablecloth in nonwoven fabric, as part of the industry. The company is situated in Cava de’ Tirreni (SA), in southern Italy, and its keys of success are: quality, development and personalization.

Quality. “Italian Creativity” products are in Airlaid, a type of nonwoven fabric made by using air instead of water during the manufacturing process of cellulose fibers.
This process makes the fabric particularly soft and “pleasant” to the touch. Airlaid is, moreover, characterized by a considerable thickness which gives the fabric a remarkable capacity of absorbency and resistance.
The printing plants are technologically advanced and allow the realization of patterns and design with particular attention to the finest detail. Printing can be realized up to six colours and the equally adavanced converting system ensures highly hygienic products.
Certified Company UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Development. Damarila TNT focuses on research and development of new products in order to offer a continual renewal and its know-how to customers, who are constantly supported by a commercial network developed nationally and abroad. The company, moreover, organizes some training courses reserved to the agents of its distributors in order to share its own experience in this field.

Personalization. The company offers the opportunity to customize tablecloths with a rich choice of products available on the official catalogue or to submit customers’ ideas for the realization of a completely new design.

  • “Basic” personalization: it consists in customizing a product of the catalogue by choosing the colour that best suits customers’ needs and preference;
  • “Advanced” personalization: customers can completely customize the product by choosing patterns, colours, brandings and other graphic elements, so that they can create a personal and original ambience.
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