NEW CATALOG 2021 … the eco-friendly mood

Our daily commitment to innovation materializes this year in an eco-sustainable and high quality material: BIO PANDA.
The disposable, biodegradable and compostable tablecloths that our research and development laboratories have identified to continue the company philosophy of respecting the environment and satisfying the needs of its customers.

Bio Panda is an innovative product for its composition supported by an eco-sustainable development and design, making it unique and particular for its softness, resistance and absorbency for the creation of the best disposable tablecloths, equating them to the quality of the textile.
All the novelties in the new catalog “On the table of Italians 2021”, alongside the Airlaid collection, make available a varied and creative range of solutions for the new way of conceiving and conceiving the vision of spaces and environments signed by Damarila.

A graphic product designed to illustrate the peculiarities that we find every day on tables throughout Italy through the work of the operators of the HO.RE.CA. of which we are proud partners.

New impulses and fantasies woven into orders of ideas and visions of environments to be furnished with “non-woven fabric” which replaces traditional cotton, limiting its environmental and social impact.

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