Damarila TNT Srl, is an Italian company located in Cava de’ Tirreni (SA). It is specialized in the production of non-woven tablecloths in the on-trade sector and it launches its new 2019 catalogue characterized by quality, development and personalization.

The new products are characterized by new lines, well-finished draws and original ideas. These very latest 2019 products by Italian Creativity are made of Airlaid that is a kind of non-woven fabric made by using air instead of water during the cellulose fibres manufacturing process. Thanks to this process, the fabric is particularly soft and pleasant to the touch. It is also considerably thick so the capacity of absorbency and resistance are very high. Our printing system are so technologically advanced that we can make forms and colours in great details.

You can choose between 30 different tablecloth styles from our new 2019 catalogue. Each of them has its own characteristics: fresh colours, pure and simple forms, wavy lines, brightness and innovation.

Globo, Traccia, Rosa dei Venti, Ordito, Valentino, Twist, Athena, Passiflora, Sfera, Peonia, Positano, Tuile, Strip, Mirò / Margò, Quadro, Lui & Lei, Napoli, Strong, Vietri, Juta, Arabesco, Righetto, Picasso, Timone, Nautico, Duchessa, Quadrino, West, Tetris and Etnico are the new tablecloth patterns of our 2019 catalogue. These 30 patterns are characterized by passion and attention to details, typical of Damarila tnt style.